Electrical Engineer Resume Latest Design in Word Format Free Download -->

Electrical Engineer Resume Latest Design in Word Format Free Download

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Sofia Shirazi
309 Apollo Way #108
Lompoc, CA 93001
Residence: (805) 733-9876
Mobile : (949) 613-1230


·          Seeking career opportunities in the field of Controls and Automation Engineering so my performance and expertise would be utilized appropriately in a professional, independent, and as well as, teamwork environment

Qualifications and Responsibilities

·          Twenty years plus experience in automation, system integrations and project management
·          Companies worked as an Electrical (Controls) Engineer; Magnetic Instrumentation, Genesis Design, Ingersoll Rand, Delco Electronics, General Motors, Delphi Battery Mfg, Delphi Generator Ops, Delphi Electronics, Sytech Division Cummins, Wright Industries, Ford Engine Dress Assembly, US Tiles, Ceradyne, Amada America, Sunny Delight, Coffin World Water Systems, and Clayton Industries
·          Designed custom based systems for diverse group of OEM utilizing PLC, PAC to Process, CNC, HMI, and Robotics
·          PLC programming experience – Allen-Bradley PAC family of Logix 5000, SLC5, PLC-5, Micrologix; Modicon 984, compact 984; Omron CJ1, C200HX, CPMC2; GE Fanuc 90-30; Siemens S7; and Texas Instrument 305 PLC families
·          HMI, OIT and message displays programming experience – Allen-Bradley PanelView 300 Micro, 600 Plus, 700, 1000e; GE Fanuc QuickPanel Control; CTC Parker-Compumotor; Schneider Magelis; Omron NS and NT series; CX supervisor SCADA; and Wonderware Intouch
·          Manufacturing networking, DCS, and peer-to-peer communication experience with Allen-Bradley ControlNet and remote I/O, DH+, TCP/IP Ethernet, Modicon Modbus Plus, Omron Controller Link
·          Engineered PLC projects from concept to manufacturing production stage
·          Electrical schematic design, as well as, mechanical design utilizing AutoCAD, Wonderware
·          Implemented PFMEA, NFPA-79, 5-S, ISA, and JIC electrical specifications, and electrical lockout safety awareness


·           Bachelor of Science EET, Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana                                 (May ’92)
·          Attended an Associated Automotive Service program, Ivy Tech, Indiana                                (Aug’ 86)

Employment and Experience

Clayton Industries – Industry, CA                                                                                        (Aug ‘09 – Aug ‘10)
Electrical Engineer

·          Designed custom function block PLC programming utilizing Allen-Bradley Logix 5000 PLC family
·          Designed HMI-operator interface controls applications for custom steam generator systems
·          Interfaced multiple steam generator systems utilizing Ethernet/IP based communications
·          Assisted mfg floor technicians in start-up, programming, and troubleshooting of variable speed drives (VFD), electromagnetic relays, natural gas level switches, and variety of electrical devices
·          Electrical schematic design and drafting utilizing Pro-E software for main steam generator equipment controls, as well as, interfacing to other modular electrical devices
·          P&ID and I&E schematic design
·          Hands-On troubleshot steam generator systems wiring of electrical enclosures

CWWS – Irvine, CA                                                                                                  (May ‘08 – Feb ‘09)
Electrical/Controls Engineer

·          Designed and modified custom PLC/HMI controls based application programs for fresh water purification systems for CWWS, a company recognized as an OEM for marine industry
·          Designed the control circuits for machine functions such as; motors and pumps ranging 0.1HP to 100HP to control water flow, sizing motor starters and protectors, sequenced timing of opening and closing valves, control valves, PID loop tuning in PLC to prevent water hammer effect during transient start-up, specifying flow and level sensor/transmitters in respect to environment, specifying and sizing fuse and circuit breakers, generated P&ID drawings, electrical schematic I/O drawings and control circuits based on international recognition
·          Networked (Ethernet based) A-B SLC5/05 PLC (main unit) and four Micrologix 1100 PLC (slave units) of 80 GPM fresh water production equipment; designed operator control/system interfaces; initiated process improvement solution
·          Provided commissioning expertise at a customer site in Singapore; provided PLC/HMI programming  expertise and training, provided daily accomplishment reports to CWWS engineering management while on assignments
Trimax Systems Inc. – Brea, CA                                                                                          (Oct ‘07 – May ’08)
Contract Controls Engineer

·          Managed PLC/HMI controls based waste water regeneration project for city of Indio, California
·          Waste water regeneration project involved in programming PLC/HMI; setting up process instruments such as ultrasonic level transmitters, flow and pressure transmitters; VFD control
·          Traveled to state of Zacatecas in Mexico to commission water filtration equipment of an ore mine

Amada America Inc. – La Mirada, CA                                                                                 (Jan ‘07 – Oct ’07)
Contract Controls Engineer

·          Modified PLC/HMI application programs of turret punch press system to allow the equipment’s operator to unload single final sheet metal product which before this modification final product and scarp sheet metal were unloaded at same location creating no value added to operation of equipment
·          Designed the electrical controls hardware of an unload conveyor module to integrate with hardware and software of a laser cutting automation system. Designed electrical schematics including I/O, control enclosure back panel layout, specifying electrical controls component, creating bill of material, and finally commissioning the operation of integrated system
·          Modified PLC/HMI application programs of an Amada model (FO 4020NT flying optic) single bay laser cutting system to be configured as multiple bay laser cutting automation system; modification included networking multiple C200HX Omron PLC and Omron NT30 HMI utilizing Controller Link Omron networking procedure, interfacing PLC I/O with flying optic laser system signals, commissioning the equipment at customer site (Kohler Power Generation Plant in Wisconsin)

Sunny Delight – Anaheim, CA                                                                                              (Oct ‘06 – Jan ’07)
Contract Controls Engineer

·          In beverage manufacturing, designed and modified PLC/HMI application programs, provided effective and strong problem solving skills in an efficient manner to assure equipment operation’s reliability for variety of equipment such as labelers, fillers, palletizes, pasteurizers, and conveyors
·          Modified PLC program to prevent flow of empty bottles into labeling machine when 
USA Resume
 are about to run out their reel.  Before this modification operator would have to re-feed the labels back into machine causing down time to continuous production. 

Ceradyne Inc. - Costa Mesa, CA                                                                                         (May ‘06 – Oct ‘06)
Controls Engineer

·          Modified PLC/HMI application programs of induction heating press for curing ceramic armor plates to create a pause cycle of applied pressure by the press. The pause cycle would allow the operator to pause and then restart applied pressure and curing time. The applied pressure and curing of product cycle was six hours and this modification was critical to production and eliminating operator error.
·          Modified RSView 32 tag database to match part ID from SLC 5/04 PLC.  Improved information presented on Panelview 1000e HMI based on operators needs

MJC Engineering Inc. - Huntington Beach, CA                                                                  (Feb ‘06 – May ‘06)
Contract Controls Engineer

·          Designed and modified electrical schematics for CNC/PLC controls based metal bending equipment
·          Troubleshooting equipment during commissioning

GM/Delphi Electronics and Safety Division - Kokomo, Indiana                                        (July ‘98 – Sep ‘05)
Manufacturing/Controls Engineer

·          Managed conceptual projects through development and manufacturing
·          Assisted project managers in development of concepts, estimates, and plans
·          Generated sequence of operations, electrical schematics, bill of materials, and hardware and software design for equipment controls that met projects’ function and timing requirements
·          Retrofitted older technology equipment into up-to-date manufacturing in demand for Delphi Corp.
·          Commissioned newly designed and delivered equipment throughout U.S. Delphi manufacturing sites
·          Created and completed documentation and manuals to support operation and maintenance of equipment
·          Trained and educated operators, mentored less experienced controls engineers and skilled trades as required
·          Provided Delphi manufacturing with expertise in machine controls
·          Submitted cost saving and engineering efficiency improvement suggestions
·          Kept average cost of assigned projects under budget
·          Managed the variance analysis on the actual manufacturing cost
·          Reported an observed problem with any equipment to the appropriate management
·          Received PFMEA training (preventive failure mode and effect analysis)
·          Engineered an OEM multi test level equipment of automotive engine’s manifold absolute pressure (MAP) and mass flow sensors; layers of equipment consisted of loading IC cartridge handlers; 2D Bar Code scanners utilized for factory throughput and hence creating lean manufacturing, as well as, reduction of production time; ambient (engine coasting) and heat (engine under heavy load) testing; unloading cartridges
 the associated bar codes of product through bar code readers; communicated with a factory information system through bar code readers and communication module of PLC to allow and/or disallow testing of product based on preceding test on the product; a stepper motor/encoder would accurately place lead-frame of product to engage with test probes; testing took place in ambient and hot temperature furnace environment to represent vehicle environment; equipment was capable of handling variety of lead frames through menu driven HMI screen in which products for selected for variety vehicle models
·          Utilizing a Janome robot designed an adhesive dispensing equipment to adhere the product circuit board to its case.  This robot integrated with a vendor’s hydraulic dispenser, hence controlling loading/unloading product from nest, dispense pattern, and required amount to dispense adhesive
·          Designed the electrical controls and application programs of a turn-key vacuum based leak test machine with dual nest to test final products simultaneously and independently, utilizing an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC and PanelView HMI operator interface
·          Designed electrical controls and application program of a turn-key machine to insert Audio IC into its heat sink, utilizing Omron CPM2C compact PLC
·          Implemented ultrasonic sensors to detect malfunctions in chemical cleaning tank
·          Implemented utilizing metering valves and sensors to detect the amount of Fluorogel dispensed on IC circuit board on an existing product of an assembly line
·          Designed the controls of a turn-key machine to cut in small pieces the ceramic IC circuit boards.  This process used to be 
 manually by an operator. The equipment utilized a Modicon 984 compact PLC, a CTC-Parker HMI, and stepper motors to convey finished pieces to the correct product bins
·          Designed costume based equipment and material handling conveyor systems with multiple networked PLCs, multiple networked HMIs, 8-axis stepper motors/encoders, and multiple scanners, which communicated with factory's mainframe computers and information systems

Consultant-Controls Engineer                                                                                               (May ‘94 - July ‘98)

·          Delphi vehicle generator manufacturing - Anderson, Indiana; as a field controls engineer Delphi vehicle generator manufacturing - Anderson, Indiana; as a field controls engineer provided expertise in keeping equipment and assembly lines in operation
·          Delphi battery manufacturing - Muncie, Indiana; received PFMEA (preventive failure mode and effect analysis training), modified PLC/HMI application programs for variety of equipment in vehicle battery manufacturing
·          As a Field controls engineer commissioned newly Modicon PLC controls based equipment for Windsor, Canada Ford final engine dress assembly site
·          Completed the control system design of salt-pot baths utilizing control relays and Barber-Coleman temperature controllers
·          Through Genesis Design in Saginaw, Michigan; worked as a controls engineer for Delphi’s Saginaw Steering.  Completed retrofitting, programming, troubleshooting, writing sequence of operation, and start-up of a Modicon PLC model 384 to a new network capable Modicon PLC model compact 984 machine.  This single cycle OTR pull test machine tested the tie-rods of Pontiac Fire Bird and Chevy Corvette and inserted a cap on the lubricating compartment
·          Through Genesis Design in Saginaw, Michigan and Delphi’s Saginaw Steering division – Saginaw, Michigan; completed PLC controls based retrofit projects; as an example, completed retrofit of a Dial Table from a total electro-mechanical relay controls based to a Modicon (network capable) MB+ compact 984 PLC controls based equipment

Magnetic Instrumentation Inc. - Indianapolis, Indiana                                                       (Sept ‘92 – Apr ‘94)
CAD-CAM Technician/ Lab. Technician/ Electrical Engineer

·          Designed electrical and mechanical drawings utilizing AutoCAD software
·          Troubleshot, repaired, and calibrated Gaussmeters, Fluxmeters, and other magnetic field measuring devices and laboratory equipment
·          Designed the controls circuitry for 1500 VDC magnetizing, as well as, de-magnetizing equipment, completed application programs of these equipment based on GE 90-30 and TI305 PLC controls
·          Utilizing Texas Instruments PLC model TI305, completed system design, programming, troubleshooting, and start-up of a single cycle magnetizer machine

References and university transcript available upon request

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