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New Software Developer Resume Format in Word Free Download

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309 Helen St, Apt 1                             Teresa Whitenight           (570) 850-9876
Shamokin Dam, PA 17001                                                         

Software Developer:
  • Three years professional experience employing a diverse programming skill set and strong mathematics background to analyze, design, develop, and support software systems ranging from distributed to embedded
  • Developed using both waterfall and iterative methodologies to efficiently meet and exceed business requirements
  • Outstanding debugging ability with low-level legacy code and binaries without source
  • Proven track record of discretely and professionally identifying, reporting, and fixing security vulnerabilities
  • Extensive database background including design, development, and deployment of database applications using stored procedures, triggers, analytic functions, and complex queries
  • Interviewed and mentored new developers while providing code review and design guidance
Skill Set Highlights:
Languages: Perl, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, C/C++, x86 Assembly, ksh (Korn shell), Bash
Databases: Oracle 9i through 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Tools:    SVN, Eclipse, vim, Wireshark, tcpdump, jdb, dbx (C on AIX), gdb, OllyDbg
Operating Systems: Windows, AIX, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, VxWorks

Weis Markets, Sunbury, PA    Programmer Analyst    February 2008 – Present
  • Designed and developed entire sales and labor reporting database
    • Created all tables, views, indices, constraints, sequences, and PL/SQL packages
    • Extended open-source Perl framework for XML-template-driven report rendering and used it to deliver reports to CEO on a daily basis
  • Wrote guide for debugging C/C++ programs on AIX based on my real-world dbx sessions
  • Developed multi-vector attack during penetration test of third-party pricing and margin-tuning software
    • Provided SQL injection attack capable of retrieving usernames and password hashes
    • Developed demonstration in C++ that brute-forces 99% of hashes in less than 1 hour
  • Primary developer for $500,000 project to upgrade and extend time and attendance application (Kronos Workforce Central) in use at 180 sites
    • Directly enhanced and overhauled interface code (C, Java, ksh, Perl, PL/SQL) reducing it by 40% , implementing new features, and migrating away from C and ksh
    • Provided on-schedule upgrade in under 6 months
    • Designed, developed, and supported automation infrastructure in Perl that provided functionality missing from vendor’s API, resulting in savings of 100+ work hours
    • Provided SQL fixes and detailed defect analyses of Java code by using jdb
  • Identified and corrected buffer overflow conditions in numerous C programs
  • Redesigned and rewrote Java program reducing POS data load time from 3 hrs to 30 min
  • Reverse engineered malware sample using VirtualBox, a hex editor, and Python, and described its functionality as a SunGard penetration test
Tad Whitenight     (570) 850-9527     Shamokin Dam, PA
Experience (cont’d):
  • Spearheaded endeavor to re-index primary POS history data warehouse table, increasing the responsiveness of an analytic query retrieving daily store data by a factor of 10
  • Thoroughly analyzed Oracle database performance, including the buffer cache contents and its impact upon query performance, using data dictionary queries
  • Concisely coded queries using SQL/XML functions to perform in-query conversion of relational tables to XML documents
  • Reported serious security issues with time and attendance software
    • Undocumented system accounts with default passwords
    • Multilevel attack yielded remote retrieval of system account passwords
  • Refactored Korn Shell script controlling POS data ETL processing and resolved data corruption by eliminating race conditions
  • Discovered and reported authentication key exposure allowing access to private company email
  • Streamlined POS link code reporting by using SQL tracing and explain plans
    • Rewrote SQL using joins and analytic functions and removing levels of subqueries
    • Reduced runtime from 2 hours to 5 minutes
    • Simultaneously removed a staging table and a materialized view
  • Developed PL/SQL package wrapper around UTL_HTTP to cleanly interact with XML Java Servlets directly from database jobs
  • Provided code fixes and defect analyses of JBoss application to third-party vendor
    • Used jdb to discover two separate cases of wrong values being passed to SQL queries
    • Cross-referenced application logs and SQL strings with Perl, and identified race condition as root cause of data duplication issue unnoticed by vendor for years
  • Adjusted statistics collection and column histograms to ensure correct table access choices by the Oracle CBO reducing 3 minute SQL executions to less than a second
  • Received North Star Award “for exceptional effort, guidance, and performance during Binghamton stores conversion” – Robert Mawyer, VP of Information Technology
Pennsylvania State University, Graduated December 2007
Mathematics, B.S.    Jr./Sr. GPA: 3.94
  • Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters (MASS) – competitive math research program
    • Won full scholarship - NSF MASS Fellowship and Merit Fellowship
  • Developed C++ classes for modeling polynomials in finite fields and used them to study polynomial growth under an analogue of the Collatz (3n+1) problem
  • Reported security issues in University web applications
    • Demonstrated sending and deleting another user’s web-based email using XSS JavaScript
    • Discovered incomplete use of https and plaintext passwords passed to Bandwidth Check service with Ethereal
  • Debugged and corrected memory leaks in image processing research project written in C and MATLAB
  • Developed MATLAB programs demonstrating numerically stable and unstable versions of algorithms including Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization and Runge-Kutta methods
  • Awarded Jabir Shibley Memorial Scholarship
  • Volunteer tutor member of PSU Mathematics Club

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