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Mechanical Engineer Resume Examples in Word Format Free Download

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Danna Skene
Beaverton, Oregon  97001
Cell 503-327-9876   
            A position using my  ScienceTechnology  and Testing skills

  • Mechanical Engineer and Technician with broad experience perfecting both large and miniature devices in the aerospace, highway vehicle and computer hardware Industries.
  • 25+ years of analytical experience with designconcept testing and product verification
  • Successfully completed training in Project Management at Clark College, Washington
  • Successfully completed the SolidWorks classes for engineering at Portland Community College

QA Technician II                                                                                       April 2011 – Dec 2011
Leupold & Stevens                                                                                                Beaverton, OR

·        Tested and verified rifle scopes and optics in Manufacturing exceeding productivity standards
·        Performed instrument set-ups, complex inspection, testing and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
·        Subject matter expert & resource for optical and mechanical testing in the manufacturing area
·        Performed equipment trouble shooting and maintenance receiving thanks from co-workers
·        Worked with Manufacturing and Engineering to resolve issues and assist in test development, studies, verification methods and new product introductions
·        Commended for maintaining and distributing test data in Oracle, Excel and Access for future use

Mechanical Engineer                                                                                September 2007 – January 2009
Hewlett-Packard Inc                                                                                    Vancouver, WA

·        Successfully performed prototype printer troubleshooting, repair, calibration, and development assistance on several of HP's large, copier/printers, like the CM8060
·        Supervised two ME 1st responders who troubleshot mechanical, electrical, and software problems
·        Demonstrated that my team could support 10 times the printers with fewer Techs and less budget
·        Managed and supported 220+ on-site prototype printers and 100+ in sites around the world
·        R&D inventory control and storage of test parts, known-good assemblies supplies and haz-mats

Mechanical Engineer First Responder                               May 2005 – May 2007
Hewlett-Packard Inc                                                                                    Vancouver, WA

·        Prototype office printer troubleshooting, repair, calibration, and development
·        Successfully troubleshot and repaired all types of mechanical, electrical, and software problems
·        Lead phone conference help meetings with other HP sites
·        Represented HP in Singapore & Holland training techs, repairing printers, & improving processes
·        Maintained my own toolbox and was HP certified to operate NC and manual shop machines
·        Supported prototype testing in:  RF, acoustics, vibration/shock, safety, and chemical emissions

Engineer                                                                                                               November 2004 – February 2005
Warn Industries Inc                                                                                     Clackamas, OR

·        Did mechanical acceptance inspection on Warn's new large wench product
·        Performed R&D and acceptance inspections of gear, frame and shaft parts and assemblies
·        Performed "First Article", Receiving, and Final Inspection using GD&T
·        Developed and used programs for the lab's CMM (Mitutoyo Bright M710)
·        Met daily with Project Engineers and the assembly line team

Quality Assurance Technician                                                       July 2004 – October 2004
Altek Inc                                                                                                                Clackamas, OR

·        Worked as Quality Department Lead and reported directly to CEO
·        Operated the Quality lab and maintaining all precision tools and measurement equipment on site
·        Verified and approved all parts and assemblies to drawings and contract requirements before they were delivered to the customers
·        Meet with and advised Department Managers, Machinists, Technicians, and customers

Test Technician                                                                                        July 2003 – May 2004
Freightliner LLC                                                                                          Portland, OR

·        Met with Engineers, venders, facilities and assembly line workers to develop tests
·        Operated the Materials Lab and managed all test chambers and measurement equipment
·        Physical and environmental testing for paint durability and corrosion resistance on truck parts
·        Managed test development, scheduling, monitoring, test evaluation and presentation of data

Test Technician (Quality Department)                                June 2002 – December 2002
Leupold & Stevens                                                                                                Beaverton, OR

·        Managed the new Impact Lab and ran shock machines from a windowed control room
·        Performed R&D tests on new designs and verification on current scopes and mount sets
·        Openly recognized for almost doubling the testing output of the Impact Lab on swing shift
·        Wrote the new 50+ page “Impact Lab Operations Manual” which contained lab safety, lab forms, operator training, and the provisions to maintain ISO 9000 certification

Test Technician (Quality Department)                                August 2001 – December 2001
Leupold & Stevens                                                                                                Beaverton, OR

·        Set up and ran high impact shock tests on riflescopes and mount assemblies
·        Met with the engineering staff to develop test procedures
·        Performed my own troubleshooting, equipment repair and lab instrument calibration
·        Made parts in the machine shop or in Manufacturing when my QA testing finished early

Temporary Worker                                                                                    March 2000 – August 2001
Self employed                                                                                                       Sumner, WA  &  Hillsboro, OR

·        Repaired PCs, vehicles, and furnaces
·        Worked at Stream International (Beaverton) as a helpdesk technician

Lab Operations & Test Specialist                                      April 1987 – March 2000
Boeing (Space Group)                                                                               Kent, Washington

·        1 of 6 staff members in the large Thermal, Contamination, Propulsion Systems Lab
·        Designed, built and tested prototype space hardware and computer-controlled, instrumented tests
·        Worked independently meeting daily with project representatives to act as technical advisor and develop tests
·        Worked on prototype designs and failure analysis studies
·        Maintained the lab machine shop, the lab's two clean rooms, and the 400+ precision measurement devices

BA   Spanish, Education, Driver Ed                                     Pacific Lutheran University     Tacoma, Wash
AA (for transfer)   Mec/Elec Engineering                              Green River Com. College      Auburn,  Wash

Certified Quality Inspector     (#12470)                                                         American Society for Quality
Certified Quality Technician   (#20503)                                                         American Society for Quality

--------------------------------------------------------------- Begin Sketch --------------------------------------------------------------

                                  Danna Skene          

Beaverton, Oregon  97001
Cell  503-327-1230   

QA Technician II                                                                                              April 2011 – Present
Job Title:  QA Technician II   (April 2011 – Dec. 2011)

At  Leupold & Stevens  (Beaverton, OR) (April 2011 – Dec. 2011)
I tested and verified rifle scopes and optics in Manufacturing exceeding productivity standards.  I performed instrument set-ups, complex inspection, testing and Statistical Process Control (SPC).  I worked with Manufacturing and Engineering to resolve issues and assist in test development, studies, verification methods and new product introductions. 

·        Subject matter expert & resource for optical and mechanical testing in the manufacturing area. 
·        Performed equipment trouble shooting and maintenance (leaving instruments ready to test) receiving thanks from co-workers.
·        I was commended for maintaining and distributing test data in Oracle, Excel and Access for future use.

At Leupold & Stevens, I had this experience -
I performed standard level 2 and 3 testing  (pre shipping inspection) on all types of rifle scopes and spotting scopes.
·        Set-up and performed complex inspection, testing and/or Statistical Process Control (SPC)
·        Supported all activities which verified parts and products were produced within engineering specifications
·        Subject matter expert & resource for specific knowledge within my areas of responsibility
·        Supported and assisted management, quality engineering and senior technicians in activities related to verifying the quality of parts and products including New Product Introduction

·        Set-up of routine to specialized measurement equipment, SPC stations, and other testing equipment
·        Tested optical products on a variety of manual and automated Collimators
·        Performed high and low pressure leak tests in pressure tanks
·        Performed functional tests on product illumination systems and electronics
·        Verified physical specifications of parts using height blocks, height gauges, digital calipers, force gauges, torque wrenches, and hand tools
·        Monitored equipment and performed preventative maintenance and trouble shooting

·        Inspected raw materials, parts, assemblies and/or finished products
·        Collaborated with Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality Assurance to resolve quality issues
·        Assisted in the development of programs, tests, studies and inspection methods
·        Collected, summarized and maintained test data reporting in: Oracle, Excel, Access and other software
·        Assisted in development of inspection and test procedures and documentation
·        Provided training, work direction, guidance and/or assistance to lesser qualified employees

Hewlett - Packard Experience:
Job Title:  Mechanical Engineer   (May 2005 – May 2007 and Sept. 2007 – Jan. 2009)

At  Hewlett-Packard Inc.  (Vancouver, WA) (5/05 - 5/07 and 9/07 – 1/09)
I worked as a Mechanical Engineer 1st Responder giving direct technical support for R&D printers.  I supervised the ME 1st Responder team and trained team technicians from all over HP.  I helped develop, troubleshoot, repair, rework, and track, machines in test printing and support operators while keeping 1st Response time to less than 15 min.  I developed a new and used spares inventory that was open to all technicians.  My team and I directly or indirectly supported 400+ R&D printers in 76 world locations.

* built-up “Blue Angel” certification testing at AQS Labs in Marietta, Georgia
* did intensive problem investigations in Singapore and Holland
* demonstrated that my team could support 10 times the printers with less budget and fewer Techs

At HP, I had this experience -
- used and set-up hand tools, power tools, and precision calibrated instruments
- worked to document and elevate design or manufacturing problems to all stakeholders then promptly return the printer to the test schedule
- worked with all systems of the printer including Print heads, Pen carriages, Drum, Paper path, IDS, SIT, Power and Control boards, Power supply, Formatter, Scanner, High-Cap, and Finisher, Firmware, and Software tools
- performed machine installations, calibrations, printer test modifications and PM
- participated in Thermal, Environmental, Safety, Vibration, ESD and RF testing
- helped develop and build test fixtures to emulate machine conditions
- certified to use the equipment in the Model Shop to modify test printer parts
- participated in parts reworks and assembly in the Production lab
- was the “go-to person” for checking, testing, and handling print heads and evaluating alignment and interface issues
- maintained a set of “standard printers” and “known-good assemblies” to resolve troublesome problems while getting the test printer back into test
- worked directly with groups that checked print quality (like Writing Systems) and machine operation including Firmware Validation

Warn Industries Experience:
Job Title:  Engineer   (Nov. 2004 – Feb 2005)

At  WARN INDUSTRIES INC.  (Clackamas, OR) (11/04 - 2/05)
I worked as a full-time, contracted Engineer in their (QA) Test Lab.  -did the mechanical acceptance inspection on Warn's new large wench product.  -performed R&D and acceptance inspections of gear, frame and shaft parts and assemblies on all Warn products.  -did "First Article", Receiving, and Final Inspection.  -developed and used programs for the lab's CMM (Mitutoyo Bright M710).  -met daily with Project Engineers in the office and the manufacturing team at the assembly line.

* I was thanked by coworkers and team leaders for keeping the inspections at my site on schedule
* I was able to show my coworkers new methods for tolerancing on the lab CMM
* I was able to show my coworkers new methods for using Office 2000
* I developed a new inspection folder system for Receiving Inspection

I have Warn experience as a -
- technician for all types of physical and dimensional measurements                                -3 months
- user of precision calipers, micrometers, surface plates, and test indicators                    -3 months
- user and program writer for the lab CMM                                                                                                      -3 months
- consultant for manufacturing and inspection improvements                                                       -3 months

Altek Experience:
Job Title:  Quality Assurance Technician   (July 2004 – Oct. 2004)

At  ALTEK INC.  (Clackamas, OR) (07/04 - 10/04)
I worked as a full-time, contracted Quality Assurance Technician operating the QA Lab at the company's Portland manufacturing plant.  I verified and approved all parts and assemblies to drawings and contract requirements before they were delivered to the customers.  I meet with managers, machinists, technicians, and customers.

* The site Operations Manager thanked me in writing for my daily work and organization
* I updated and simplified many of the Altek product inspection procedures and instructions
* I updated and improved the NCR, CA and Scrap Report system using MS Access
* While at Altek, I updated the Quality Assurance precision hand tools and gage devices

I have Altek experience as a -
- technician for all types of physical and dimensional measurements                                -3 months
- user of precision calipers, micrometers, test indicators                                                             -3 months
- user and tech for the company Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)                      -3 months
- user of CNC and hand indexing shop machines                                                                                               -3 months
- developer and user of QA, distribution, and calibration information                              -3 months

Freightliner Experience:
Job Title:  Test Technician   (July 2003 – May 2004)

At  FREIGHTLINER LLC  (Portland, OR) (07/03 - 05/04)
- worked as a full-time, contracted Test Technician operating the Materials Lab
- met with Engineers, venders, facility and assembly line workers to develop tests
- used industrial band saws, lathes and shears for fixturing building and sectioning parts
- operated Hyster 50 and 80 high lift forklifts in tests and for storage in racks
- was responsible for test development, scheduling, monitoring, and evaluationreporting test progress and outcome

Milestone Technologies Experience:
Job Title:  Computer Technician   (April 2003)

- worked as a temporary Computer Technician in an off-site location
- disassembled and mapped out computer desk setups
- assembled and configured PC and Sun systems bringing them up to on-line status

Leupold & Stevens Experience:
Job Title:  Test Technician   (Aug. 2001 – Dec. 2002)

At  LEUPOLD & STEVENS  (Beaverton, OR) (08/01 – 12/01)  I worked as a Test Technician in their Quality Assurance department.  I met with the engineering staff to develop test designs and procedures, did my own troubleshooting, equipment repair and lab instrument calibration.  I worked as the only QA on swing shift.  I set up and ran high impact shock tests on riflescopes and mount assemblies.  Most of my testing was R&D on new scope designs, but I also did pre-production design verification and final inspection.  On nights when my QA testing finished early, I helped in the machine shop or manufacturing.

At  LEUPOLD & STEVENS  (Beaverton, OR) (06/02 – 12/02)  After 2 temp jobs I again worked as a full-time, contracted Test Technician in their Quality Assurance department.  I was responsible for the daily operation of the new Impact Lab on swing shift.  I developed and built-up precision shock tests for riflescopes and mount sets.  I did R&D tests on new scope designs and design verification on currently manufactured scopes.  I ran multiple shock machines from a windowed control room using automatic or semi-automatic computer control and data acquisition.  I met with engineers and managers to develop standard and custom test matrixes and advised on product design improvements.  I wrote the new 50+ page “Impact Lab operations manual” which contained lab safetylab formsoperator training,  and the required provisions to maintain  ISO 9000 certification.  I was also tasked with rewriting all of the 40+ Leupold TEST PROCEDURES including those preformed by company venders.

* During my first 4 weeks, QA testing went from "3 months behind" to "on schedule"
* I advised on the design and outfitting of the new Impact lab rooms
* In Nov. 2002,  I was publicly honored for almost doubling the test output of the Impact lab

     TECHNICAL SKILLS:  I have LEUPOLD & STEVENS experience as a (an) -
- tester of riflescopes and all types of assemblies and components                                              -4 months
- tester of scope materials, electronics, optics and manufacturing practices                     -4 months
- user of test instruments and hand tools                                                                                                                        -10 months
- operator of the large M-RAD brand pneumatic/hydraulic shock machines                    -10 months
- troubleshooter of machine, control and instrument systems                                                       -10 months
- programmer and user of process controllers for machine actuation                                           -10 months
- operator of WIN 2000 data acquisition & control computers                                                  -6 months
- user and programmer of SRA 1400-4 data acquisition & control software                   -6 months
- organizer of test data files to the level of presentation JPEG line charts                         -6 months
- developer and operator of fixtured optics bench testing equipment                                           -10 months
- tester and calibrator of optics using Optimus 6.5 software                                                       -10 months
- user of EXCEL for data collection and test note development                                                  -10 months
- user of optics lab visible light and laser testing equipment                                                         -6 months
- user of engineering lab mechanical and environmental test equipment                            -7 months
- writer of test procedures, shift reports and lab test reports                                                       -6 months
- initiator and contributor to failure analysis studies                                                                                 -10 months
- fabricator of parts with semi automated laser-engraving machines                                            -3 months
- operator of large (INDEX) CNC turret lathes and manual machines                            -4 months
- user of certified micrometers and gauges to verify dimensions to drawings                    -10 months
- pressure, vacuum and helium leak tester in the manufacturing clean room                     -1 month

Temporary Job Experience:

As a  TEMP. WORKER   (Sumner, WA & Hillsboro, OR) (03/00 – 08/01)
- repaired and configured PC computers, and repaired vehicles, furnaces and houses
- worked as a Temporary at Fujitsu (Hillsboro) where I helped upgrade PC hard drives
- worked as a Helpdesk Technician at Stream International (Beaverton, OR) servicing hardware and software in new PCs

Boeing Aerospace Experience:

 Job Title:  LAB OPERATIONS & TEST SPECIALIST  (April 1987 – March  2000)

 At Boeing I -
- was 1 of 6 staff members in the large THERMAL, CONTAMINATION, PROPULSION SYSTEMS Lab at Kent, Washington
- was designer and detail person on auto-control, instrumented tests
- met daily with internal and external project representatives
- often worked independently and on small teams
- maintained a "SECRET CLEARANCE"
- maintained the lab's two CLEAN ROOMS
- managed the lab's machine shop
- maintained my area (and the entire facility) for just-in-time project support
- have completed Boeing training in HP VEE, HTML, CimCAD and CATIA
- held Boeing maintained certifications in:
            Handling of Static Sensitive Parts (ESD)
            Floor Operated Bridge Cranes and Rigging
            Clean Room Discipline
            Respirator - Wearer (1/2 and Full Face)
            Fall Protection - Fall Arrest Systems
            Hazardous Materials Handling
            Lockout, Tag, Tryout
            Ergonomics Awareness
            Electrical Safety for Qualified Electrical Workers
            First Responder (Hazardous Materials Accidents)
            First Aid and Adult CPR  (Red Cross Cert)

* worked under contract with NASA and was Lead Technician of the highly successful TANK PRESSURE CONTROL EXPERIMENT team (Space Shuttle flights 43, 52 and 77)
* was lead tech at Boeing for the testing of ION THRUSTERs (electrical rocket engines)
* worked with NASA as lead tech (3 years) on Boeing's CRYSTAL GROWTH (by vapor deposition) experiment that grew Cadmium telluride standard crystals in the lab and in space (shuttle flight #43)
* was lead tech in battery cell testing for Boeing satellite power systems (4 years). I used cell cycling and calorimetery, designed multiple day automated tests, and developed data and charts (in EXCEL) for customer presentations
* was Designer and Technician on Boeing's THERMAL ELECTRONIC PALLET project (which used PASSIVE AMMONIA HEATPIPE TECHNOLOGY)
* am familiar with many NASA practices regarding space qualified: fasteners, structure, materials, electronics and plumbing
* am familiar with vibration testing, environmental testing and inspectability issues.  I have participated in PDRs and CDRs with NASA
* have performed Space Shuttle hardware integrations and deintegrations in three NASA facilities at Cape Kennedy, Florida (always in a Boeing team of two where I was the only one permitted to touch the hardware)
* received several awards and accommodations from NASA

TECHNICAL SKILLS:  I have experience as a (an) -
-designer of test setups using a variety of instruments                                                                 -12 years
-designer of bench, lab floor and flight test setups                                                                      -9 years
-developer of mechanical, electronic, optical and thermal tests                                       -12 years
-designer of tests in environmental and vacuum chambers                                                           -12 years
-technician for acceptance testing on space hardware                                                                -9 years
-designer of automated-control, instrumented test setups                                                            -9 years
-builder of thermocouple and transducer instrumentation                                                            -12 years
-developer of available methodologies and equipment                                                                -14 years
-developer of PLC and control computer systems                                                                                 -14 years
-user & tech for the HP SYSTEM 9000 with 3497A scanner                                        -11 years
-user & tech for the HP 715/10 with E1421B VXI scanner                                                       -2 years
-writer of code for automated-control and data retention                                                           -6 years
-writer of file transfer and data manipulation code                                                                      -9 years
-control loop writer using HP BASIC 5.0                                                                                              -6 years
-tech for the lab's LANs, computers and peripherals                                                                  -3 years
-installer and tester of Un-Interruptible Power Supplies                                                  -3 years
-calibration scheduler for 400+ lab measurement devices                                                           -4 years
-rebuilder of a wide variety of electronic instruments                                                                  -12 years
-user of soldering irons, wire strippers, and crimpers                                                                  -12 years
-maintainer and user of hand tools and shop machines                                                                -4 years
-fabricator of parts from metals, ceramics and plastics                                                               -12 years
-coordinator of facilities repair and maintenance                                                                         -3 years
-manager of a large, just in time, supplies inventory                                                                    -5 years
-handler of chemicals, hazmats and bottled gas                                                                          -12 years
-designer of automated cryogenic (LN2) piping systems                                                            -3 years
-acetylene torch solderer of LN2 and cooling shrouds                                                               -8 years
-high vacuum system builder, operator and technician                                                                -9 years
-designer of equip with standard High-Vac flanges                                                                     -9 years
-stainless tubing fabricator and helium leak tester                                                                                   -12 years
-diffusion and cryopump vacuum chamber technician                                                                 -12 years
-developer and user of vacuum chamber instrumentation                                                            -12 years
-environmental chamber builder, operator and technician                                                           -8 years
-residual gas analyzer (RGA) user and technician                                                                                   -2 years
-user of macro imagers or optical profiler                                                                                              -4 years
-manager of receiving, shipping and tracking                                                                                          -5 years
-manager of all group owned, company property                                                                                   -3 years
-developer of new computerized, paper-less library                                                                   -2 years
-developer of specifications for new equipment                                                                          -6 years
-writer of group PROCESSES and instructions (ISO 9000)                                          -3 years
-user of Office (2000), WORD and EXCEL                                                                                         -9 years
-installer and user of Windows 95, 98, ME and NT 4.0.
-user of NETSCAPE, INTERNET EXPLORER                                                                                  -2 years

Heatcon Experience:

 Job Title:  Designer/Drafter   (Oct. 1986 – March  1987)

At  HEATCON  (Composite Technology Systems Division) (Seattle, WA) (10/86 – 03/87)
- designed thermal control & data recording systems for heat processes
- produced working drawings and wiring schematics for venders and customers
- developed parts lists and purchased parts, materials and tools
- developed “kits” for customers
- designed and built electronics packaging
- designed and built crates and packaging
- reorganized their drawing library.

Center Line Machining Experience:

 Job Title:  Engineer   (March 1986 – Oct  1986)

At  CENTER LINE MACHINING INC  (Kent, WA) (03/86 – 10/86)
- sat on the company board and represented the Engineering Department
- checked customer drawings, requirements and special tooling and approved contracts
- coordinated the QA Dept, the Fab Shop, the Machine Shop, and Secure Storage
- company Safety and Training Coordinator
- developed bid proposals
- designed all types of parts & assemblies from idea to working drawing
- designed a “two – man” production saw mill using traditional design elements
- designed a new line of public park small buildings with retractable wheels for easy moving

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