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Summary: I have over 14 years of IT experience in architecting, analyzing, designing, developing and implementation of Client/Server, Web-based and Siebel eBusiness applications. Over 9 Years of experience in CRM applications in Configuration, Integration, Reporting and Customization of Consumer Goods, Call Center, Sales, Siebel Financial Services, eChannel and ePharma Applications in Siebel 7.x/6.x using Siebel Tools, eScript, VB Script, EAI, EIM, Workflow. Good exposure in Documentation, Analytical Problem Solving and Defects Tracking. Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills, Good Interpersonal & Analytical Skills, Self-Motivated and Organized in Delivering High Quality Software Solutions.

         Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering

Technical Skills
 CRM:                             Siebel 8.1,7.8.2, 7.7.1, 7. 5.3,7.5.2,7, Siebel 6.x, Siebel Call Center, Sales, Tools, Configuration, Product Config, EIM, EAI, VBC,EBC eScript, VB Script, Workflow, Thin Client, Web Services, Upgrade, Business Services, Actuate Reports.
Verticals:                    Consumer Goods, Finance, Communications, ePharma, eChannel
Middleware:                Seebeyond, Remote Process, MQ Series, web Methods, DataPower
Languages:               C, C++, JAVA, .Net, PL/SQL, Java Scripts and SQL
Databases:                Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, and MS-Access

GUI:                          .Net, Visual Basic 6.0, Deverloper'2000

J2EE Technologies:   JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, EJB, JDBC, XML, XSL
 Operating Systems:     Windows’98/00/NT/XP, IBM AIX, UNIX - Sun-Solaris
Ancillary Skills:         MS Office, Word Perfect, Excel, VSS, Lotus Notes and Power Point.

Hartford Customer Service Group, Horsham, PA                                           Jun’08 - Present                 
Siebel Financial Services/Contact Center
Siebel 8.1,Siebel 7.7.2,Tools, EAI, eScript, Workflow, Web Services, Windows 2003 Server, Oracle 9i, JMS Transport, SOA, Vitria
·         Role as Siebel Team Lead/ Systems Analyst
·         Involved in Siebel upgrade project version 7.7 to 8.1
·         Successfully designed and developed numerous key Interfaces of Hartford using Siebel EAI to Integrate data with multiple external systems.
·         Designed and developed the AARP membership service application inquiry and order transactions using VBC and web service transactions integration with AARP systems
·         Designed and developed the complex white mail and UHG paper application process
·         Designed and developed the case management system in partner portal (eChannel) application to manage the cases by multiple ASI partners
·         Extended Siebel out of box Campaign Management functionality to meet complex business requirements in proactive offer functionality
·         Developed the Inbound web service to send the Opportunity data to the Genworth system
·         Developed the Receive communication interface using the SOA to update the activity and service request details in Siebel.
·         Used EAI Data Mapper service to map the internal IO to External IO and vice versa.
·         Secured data encryption process using the external java class
·         Modified the Siebel vanilla user self registration process to allow the external agents to register using Siebel id using ADSI authentication.
·         Involved in CTI integration using GPlus adapter
·         Developed the outbound email notification process for agents and customers.
·         Install and maintain the Data Quality tool
·         Deployed complex requirements that had been considered unfeasible thereby winning business.
·         Created sustainable business value for the client utilizing business/technology innovations.
·         Involved in Siebel admin tasks which includes managing the Siebel enterprise
·         Multi-technology experience and ability to learn any new technology with in short span of time and implement quickly which helped to Identify and solve the integration/interface problem with in external systems like Java/J2EE,SOA, Vitria, MQ Series , Data Quality, NICE and Telephony
·         Lead some of the complex projects and deployed the applications with “0” Issues from Integration, System Testing and in Production
·         Recognized by management as key contributor in meeting tight deadlines in solution delivery.

Hartford Insurance, Hartford, CT                                                      Jul’07 – Jun’08                
Siebel Financial Services
Siebel 7.8.2,Upgrade ,Tools, EAI, eScript, Workflow, Web Services, VB/.Net ,Windows 2003 Server, Oracle 10g, MQ series
·         Role as Integration Lead
·         Designed Technical documents for scores, forms , CLA rating and IRES batch interfaces
·         Converted MM Account Score and Xpand score interfaces from VB Dll to Siebel custom business services to build html and xml and post to the external system.
·         Developed CLA rating outbound web service which sends the CLA policy and quote information to the external system.
·         Developed Policy notes inbound web service which sends the notes information to external system.
·         Developed Interface for SOI, Vehicle ID Cards and Renewal certificates which will send and receive the message to CLA system using MQ and launch the forms.
·         Developed Browser script to post the data and launch the URL from Siebel application and replaced existing VB dlls
·         Developed the Auto renewal Process batch interface using workflow policies which loads the daily auto renewal data.
·         Developed the interface to save the customer form information back to Siebel using the Siebel data control connection.
·         Developed the IRES batch interface which will load the renewal policies daily using Siebel data server connection.
·         Used Outbound Communications Manager to send emails to the production support team
·         Developed the interfaces to create the name/adder and account error notifications from CLA system by configuring the MQ server components.
·         Developed the deployment instructions documents for all the interfaces.

Wyeth, Madison, NJ                                                                           Sep’06 – Jul’07               
Siebel eConsumer Goods/TPM
Siebel 7.8.2, Tools, EAI, EIM, eScript, Workflow, Windows 2000 Server, Oracle 10,SAP R/3,Message Broker, Scanner Apps.

·         Prepared the Integration Functional Design docs.
·         Designed technical documents for master data, seed data and forecasting interfaces.
·         Configured Accounts, products, shipments and accruals Business layer according to the business requirement.
·         Designed and developed architecture for forecasting which support accrual at SKU, Brand level and linking the invoice line items with accrual line items.
·         Configured Home page to display planning, funding data also configured to display analytics report on siebel.
·         Extended and used custom tables, complex configurations for Plans, Funds and sales volume planning.
·         Configured application to accommodate accrued $ at SKU and brand levels and ADL functionality.
·         Created Custom business services to create product, catalog ADL and to create current and next year baseline.
·         Developed real time interfaces and custom business services to load shipments, off invoice payments, accrual rates and accrual deposits from SAP
·         Designed and Developed EAI Real time Interfaces to load deductions and check payments data (settlements) from SAP into Siebel system and vice versa.
·         Developed general error handing workflow for application error logging.

Binney & Smith, Easton, PA                                                              Mar’06 – Sep’06                
Siebel eConsumer Goods/TPM
Siebel 7.8.2, Tools, EAI, eScript, Workflow, Windows 2000 Server, Oracle 9.2

·         Role as Consultant for TPM project.
·         Prepared the Integration Functional Design docs.
·         Designed technical documents from interfaces.
·         Configured Account view, products and shipments according to the business requirement.
·         Developed Interface to load account hierarchy data from sapiens ERP system to siebel.
·         Used eScript to load data from flat files to siebel.
·         Designed and Developed Interface to access ‘Bill of Materials’ data from oracle tables into siebel using External business components.
·         Developing Interface to load Consumption data into Siebel system.
·         Designed technical specifications for consumption interface to load Consumptions weekly , interface has to do the monthly aggregation before loading it to siebel base table and Intersection records need to be build based on weekly consumption and promoted products.
·         Developed Interface to load shipments weekly and rollup to monthly buckets. Developed business service for Accrual process.
·         Developed Interface for Off Invoice Payment Load.

BT Infonet, El Segundo, CA                                                              Jul’05 – Mar’06
Siebel eCommunications
Siebel,Upgrade, Tools, EAI, Product Configuration, Script, Workflow, Windows 2000 Server, Oracle, e*Gate, .Net, HTTP

·         Prepared the Design Documents for Order Management System.
·         Working with OSS team for 24/7 production support.
·         Upgrading from
·         Involving in Pre upgrade, Upgrade and Post upgrade Tasks
·         Worked with Seebeyond team for integration setup with e*gate.
·         Configured the UI layer, Business layer and interfaces to Upgrade from
·         Configured, deployed and tested the workflows from 7.5.3/7.8.2
·         Modified and tested all the interfaces after the upgrade process
·         Configured eapps.cfg parameters to set Siebel Web Engine to receive the XML Documents from External Application and to login EAI Object Manger.
·         Developed Interface between Order Management System and Billing system using e*gate as middleware
·         Developed Point – Point interface with .Net pricing system.
·         Used e*script for product cross validation
·         Used Java script to modify web templates in 7.8.2 product configuration.
·         Developed interface such a way that user can price line items from Work Order or Draft Order
·         Developed interface between Siebel and .Net ISIS system using inbound web services.
·         Developing custom business service for transforming data to be sent and received from the Pricing tool.  Data transformation, mapping and validation can be done using eScript.
·         Used EAI HTTP Transport Service and Send Receive method to integrate with Pricing Tool
·         Used EAI Value Maps for data mappings

LEXMARK, Lexington, KY                                                              Dec’04 – Jul’05                
Siebel Call Center/Sales
Siebel, Tools, EAI, eScript, Workflow, SUN Solaris 5.8, Windows 2000, Oracle, Web Services, webMethods 6.0.1, HTTP

·         Role as Integration Team Lead.
·         Involved in the Integration Functional Requirements (IFR) Documents preparation for ATLAS Project
·         Prepared Integration Design Documents (IDD) for Interfaces.
·         Configured business components with appropriate joins and links, extended tables with new columns, configured applets with bus comp fields.
·         Developed Interface between call center application and UPS web service 
·         Using eScript developed Custom business service to build request XML and to parse response XML
·         Used XML Converter service to convert property set to xml and vice versa.
·         Used EAI HTTP Transport Service and SendReceive method to integrate with UPS web service
·         Setup a Repeating Component Request to send request to UPS twice a day
·         Developed Invoice and service order Inbound interfaces between Siebel and JDE using web methods as middleware
·         Used EAI XML Converter service and XML Document to Integration Object Hierarchy method to convert xml document to Siebel message
·         Used EAI Siebel Adapter and Update method to update the data in Siebel.
·         Using eScript to write Custom Business service which create asset record or shipment record based on the field value sent by JDE
·         Developed Service Order Outbound interface to JDE using web methods as interface
·         Setup a Repeating Component Request and Search specification to query records for every hour
·         Used Siebel Adapter and Integration Object to create Siebel message
·         Convert Siebel message into xml document
·         Used EAI HTTP Transport service to POST it to web methods.
·         Prepared Unit Test cases for All Interfaces.

BANK OF AMERICA, Concord, CA                                                              Jul’04 – Dec’04                
Siebel Financial Services
Siebel 7.7.1 [18306] FIN, Tools, EAI, EIM, VBC, eScript, Workflow, IBM AIX 5L 5.1, Oracle, MQ Series 5.3, JD Edwards, HTTP

·         Involved in the Lower Level Design and development of SSE Project
·         Prepared and presented the LLD Documentation for Integration Modules
·         Developed Applets, Views to display the Transactions from Legacy Systems
·         Configured the VBC Applets for Toggling with the Run time value.
·         Developed the Virtual Business Components for all Balances &Transactions.
·         Developed VBC’s to invoke from Button Click event.
·         Used script and Business Component User Properties for Front end validations
·         Developed VBC to all allow search criteria dynamically.
·         Used eScript to Invoke VBC from VBC
·         Integrated Siebel System with IBM supported Bank of America’s Remote Process system (RP Middleware) using MQ Series.
·         Used eScript to convert siebel property set into RP format XML and IFX (Interactive Financial eXchange) Format XML
·         Used escript to write VBC Custom Business services which send & receive the Request &Response to the External System.
·         Used XML Converter Business Service to convert XML to Property set and vice-versa
·         Used EAI MQ Series Server Transport Service and SendReceive Method to integrate with External system.
·         Used EAI HTTP Transport Service and SendReceive Method to integrate with External system.
·         Used Transcode Service to convert the String to an encoded Binary property and vice-versa
·         Implemented Workflow to send and receive the Request and Response using Transport Adapters and WF invoked by escript
·         Developed VBC’s for Get Offsets and View Image
·         Used escript to write Custom Business service, which builds the URL, call the EAI HTTP Transport Service to send and receive the request & response from Strata Application Server.
·         Used SQL Loader to load Financial Accounts and Clients from CLU and CED System to Interface tables
·        Prepared .IFB file for EIM job to load Data from interface tables to Base tables.
·        Prepared Test cases for All Interfaces.

PNC BANK, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                          Sep’03 – Jul’04                
Siebel Financial Services/Sales
Siebel 7.5.3 [16157] Fin Svcs, Tools, EAI, EIM, VBC, VBScript, Workflow, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP 2, Oracle,MQ Series 5.3,HTTP, .Net

·         Involved in the development of SID Claim Process
·         Developed the Home Page to display Newly Created Financial Accounts according to the Business Rules
·         Developed the Screens for SID Claim Process
·         Created new Tables and Columns, BC’s and Links for Financial Account and Contact, Financial Account and Relationship Associations as per Business Rules.
·         Used VB Script to validate the Displayed data and Associating Primary contact and Relationship to the Financial Accounts according to the business Rules
·         Used VB Script to Write Custom Business Service to merge the Contacts, Relationships, Affiliations and Associating Relationship between contacts, Companies and Financial Accounts
·         Used VB Script to Sync Relationship Team to the Associated Financial Accounts
·         Created an Asynchronous workflow Using Server Requests Business Service to Run the Merge Process as Asynchronous Process.
·         Involved In the Development of Team Sync Process
·         Configured AMT HTTP Subsystem In various environments
·         Created and Developed Workflow for Integration Process using EAI HTTP Transport Business Service to load data from AMT system into Smart system.
·         Developed Custom Business service In the Team Sync Process to sync the Positions for the appropriate Financial Accounts, Contacts and Companies
·         Involved in the Development of Schwab RT System
·         Created and Developed VBC’s using XML Gateway Business Service to display Schwab RT Data from .Net External Application
·         Created the Incentive Claim Form Integration system and Designed the Work flow Process using Workflow Process Manager Business service
·         Developed the Incentive Claim HTTP Inbound/Outbound Integration system using EAI HTTP Transport Business Service to Process the Opportunity Claim Process in the External system and Return the Claim Values in to Siebel
·         Used VB Script to write Custom Business Service to read a delimited text file and update existing contact records in the Siebel Base tables. The delimited text file is opened and parsed one row at a time and write a sub routine to sync pipeline sales team primary to activity team primary if Activity does not have a status of Done or Cancelled
·         Developed VBC's for SMART Screens, This VBC's will receive Data via an MQ Call to AM Trust Mainframes system using MQ Series Middleware, EAI MQSeries Server Transport and Custom VBC Business Services.
·         Migrated Repository from Development to Production environment
·         Deploying the SRF for different customers through Siebel Remote Administration
·         Used EIM and SQL Loader for Initial data loads prior to Real time Integration.

BCBS, Durham, NC                                                                   Apr’ 03 – Sep’03
Siebel Financial Services
Siebel 7.5.2 Call Center, Tools, EAI, EIM, eScript, Workflow Manager,

·         Involved In the Preparing of Design and Functional Specifications and Development Of Opportunity Management system/By Online Modules.
·         Designed Siebel layers and created Siebel Business Object Components to customize the data layer in the opportunity Management system.
·         Extensively customized and added new Siebel GUI layer (Screens, Views, Applets) objects to add the new functionality
·         Created Joins/links/MVG applets and Pick lists
·         Customized Siebel Database tables to include extension fields and to map with extension table as per the business requirements.
·         Involved in database Import, Bulk Imports using EIM.
·         Extended Siebel base and EIM tables, performed interface tables mapping, created new fields in the business component and modified applets.
·         Prepared an excel sheet with the EIM mapping between siebel and legacy systems.
·         Invoked the Enterprise Integration Manager.
·         Did EIM verification and debugging.
·         Used Siebel Adapter business service and Query method to retrieve data from Integration objects that are defined for the subset of information required.
·         Created Business rules (Policies, Conditions and Actions) using work flow manager.
·         Integration using a Inbound Web service and HTTP Transport.
·         As per business Requirement to access the Blue Quote Application from corporate Oracle database, Integrated Siebel database with Oracle database using Seebeyond as Middleware.
·         Designed Workflow Process for Integrating Siebel Application with Seebeyond using Siebel Adapter, Workflow Utilities Business services
·         Used eScript to invoke Workflow process and writing custom Business Services.

Watford Electronics, UK                                                                         Feb’ 02 – Mar’03
JAVA, JSP, XML, EJB, JDBC, Servlets, Web Logic 5.1, Oracle7.x, Windows NT.
·         Business & Requirement Analysis Understand the business requirements and how to leverage the Technology to meet delivery goals. Worked Closely with Top management to assure adequate technical directions are followed and issues are addressed. Oversees design and code reviews and assure adherence to best practices.
·         Designed Application Frame work using MVC design Pattern. Used Rational Rose, UML for OOA/OOD.
·         Developed Functional & technical Spec’s. Developed Several Mission Critical Functions, objects and programs using JAVA, RMI, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JDBC
·         Designed and Developed Distributed Components using RMI.
·         Developed Front end using JSP, Developed EJB’s using Web Logic
·         Deployed the application in Web Logic Application Server.
·         Developed Servlets to access the model, which has access to about time database (SQL Server) through JDBC thin driver.                                                               Jan'98 - Nov-'01
Website Development/ Maintenance
Java 2.0, Java script, HTML, Java web server, Java Servlets, Oracle 8.0, Win NT.
ICL is leading cement manufacturing major of south India. This was a pilot project to identify appropriate technology to migrate from existing client server application. Java Technology was chosen to develop a suitable browser based java application as a prototype to enable finalization of methodology for migrating from client-server application to a centralized database approach through WAN.
·         Involved in the study & analysis of the System developing use case analysis
·         Design & development of screens using 
·         Design & development of all the Servlets for the modules that I developed
·         Created Database Tables, Sequences & handled all the database queries for the modules which I developed
·         Testing & Debugging

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