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make a job resume online

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Bangalore, India
HP: (+91) (0) 98765 43210
Project Leader – Microsoft Technologies


·          Over 9 Yrs. of overall IT experience with 7 years into core SOFTWARE development.
·          18 months of overseas onsite experience including client interaction, team management & successful implementation of projects.
·          Provided application production support & maintenance.
·          Sound Knowledge of technical skills in the areas of Internet technologies/applications, Middleware and databases.
·          Strong experience in ASP, VB Scripting, Java Scripting, HTML/DHTML/XML, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, COM, DCOM, Remoting & Web services.
·          Have good knowledge on System Design and Integration, Onsite -Offshore development model, Project planning and management.
·          Excellent Communication and team management skills.
·          Believe in learning new technology and to keep myself updated.
·          Developed Coding standards for COM Development, Database Design, and Web Pages.
·          Have proposed & implemented processes to improve company’s software quality processes.

·          Bachelor of Science (Botany), R.K.M. Vivekananda College, Chennai – University of Madras
·          Professional Diploma in Computer Software (PDCS), Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan, Chennai.
·          Diploma in Oracle, BITECH, Chennai.
·          Pursuing PG Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA), Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, India.

Operating Systems
MS DOS, UNIX, Win NT, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
C, Perl, VB 6.0
Markup Languages
MS-SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i
Distributed Tech.
DCOM, Web Services, Remoting
Web Servers
IIS 6.0, Apache
Design/Modeling Tool
MS-Visio 2003
Management Tool
MS-Project 2003
Configuration Tool
MS – Visual Source Safe
Reporting Tool
Component One, Crystal Report, MS SQL Reporting Services


Project Leader – ITC Infotech India Ltd (SEI-CMM Level 5 certified)        Mar. 2005 - Present
Handling technically challenging projects with a team size of 4-6 and 6-8 person months. Directly interacting with customers. Projects predominately in Microsoft technologies. Key responsibilities of Analysis, Conceptualization, Design and Development. Preparing HLD & LLD. Participation in pre-sales activities like answering to customer’s technical questionnaires, determining rough estimation and proposal preparations.

Sr. System Analyst – Earthsoft Pvt. Ltd, Singapore                           Sep. 2003 – Feb. 2005
Onsite system analysis, requirement gathering, preparing technical solution approach document, coordinating with the offshore team for development/testing/code review, project implementation, control management, coding, change request analysis, conducting onsite training, SIT/UAT coordination, application production deployment and providing production support & maintenance.

Project Leader – Netlink Technologies Ltd, India                             May. 1998 – Sep. 2003
Team & Project Management, coordinating with the project manager for design solutions and project plan & estimation, meeting customers, conduct team meetings, proposing quality process, writing test cases, design documents, coding, code reviewing. Projects mostly developed in VB/ASP/COM/DCOM. Joined as ‘Software Engineer’ and grew to the present level of Project Leader in a span of 4 years.

Sr. Programmer (MM) – PentaFour Software Exports, India            Feb. 1998 – May. 1998
Understanding the Multimedia Project requirement, design and develop using Macromedia Authorware (ver. 7.0) tool.  Project primarily concerned with developing interactive computer based tutorials (CBT), corporate/product presentations and multimedia core components.

Management Employee – Nittany Decision Services, India                Jan. 1996 – Feb. 1998
Project more to do with CD-ROM/E-Book publishing. Learning in-house packages and provide customization, create folio documents for e-book publishing, verifying SGML documents, write macros to detect and fix unclosed SGML tags before parsing & converting them into folio e-books.


The following are my accomplishments in the past two years:
1.     Successfully developed & implemented a B2B/B2C portal named “”, with a team comprised of less experienced and new comers. Also, in spite of stakeholders bringing in changes almost at every stage of the SDLC, I was able to deliver the project on time with very less errors. The customer appreciated it and insisted my employer to retain me for the second phase of this portal.
2.     Successfully handled the crisis & the pressure that erupted during the implementation of PFS application. Formalized the channels, instigated processes & procedures and there by convinced the stakeholders on the possibility of a successful project implementation. My employer appreciated me with rewards when we finally launched PFS.
3.     Delivered a project estimated at 26 Person Months within 17 Person months. This was achieved through an innovative design, excellent reusable components and a different team structure. The project also received great appreciation from the customer.
4.     Designed a novel smart client application to act as an offline support system in replacement for a web application that auto-sync the data captured offline, between the local database and the server. This was designed to allow continuation of capturing business transactions in the event of an Internet connectivity failure. I conceived the data transfer technology. Features such as data verification, rectification, encryption etc. is inbuilt in this system.


q ITC INFOTECH LTD. – Project Connect – SABMiller, Czech (
-  (Sep 2005 – till Date)

SAB Miller is one of the world’s largest brewers with a brewing presence in over 40 countries across four continents. SAB Miller Europe initiated the ‘Project Connect’ to implement in various branches spread across Europe with an indention to move towards a Trade Marketing and Distribution (TM &D) model from a typical sales organisation.

The objective of ‘Project Connect’ is the development of a Consumer focused European Outlet classification prioritisation system (OCS) there by providing a strategic platform for superior brand activation across the region. SAB Miller Europe identified Czech to begin with the implementation.

The core functionalities of ‘Project Connect’ include:
·          Globalization/ Localization support
·          Flexible Data Integration system between SAP and Project Connect database.
·          Auto & Manual method for classifying outlets
·          Rule based sales questionnaire generation/print system with the given MS WORD template.
·          Reports, Data export etc.


·          Participate in the requirement analysis and also to work closely with the Czech user representative to gather distil information.
·          To completely design and develop the core ‘Data Integration’ framework system & the sales questionnaire system (developed in C# and, respectively)
·          Formulated the communication protocol between the team & PM in SAB Miller Czech.
·          Provide implementation support to our implementation resource onsite.
·          Conduct project management reviews for critical modules & functions.

Environment: Win 2000; WEB Server: IIS 6.0; DB: MS SQL Server 2000; Framework: .NET – C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, WEB Services; Reporting Tool: SQL Reporting Services; Others: MS Project 2003, Qtrack Team Size:  7 (5 Developers & 2 QC)

q ITC INFOTECH LTD. – Hitachi Canada – AFFINA (US) (
-  (Mar 2005 – Aug 2005)

Hitachi Canada, is a CRM based windows application built purely using .NET Framework. The application was developed for a CRM company called AFFINA, located in US. AFFINA manages the CRM for the two main branches of Hitachi (HT), USA (HT USA) and Canada (HT CAN). In the existing setup, there are two applications that facilitate call handling for Hitachi Canada. These are two separate applications developed using Lotus Notes, is meant for two kinds of CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives) – Tech support rep and CR (Customer Relations) rep. respectively.

The core functionalities include:
·          Handling Inbound calls, Outbound calls, Inbound emails & Inbound letters
·          Customer Information Management
·          Case Management for different kinds of cases
·          Service center lookup, Fulfillment requests, Task lists
·          Reports, Administration, Integration to other systems, etc.

·          To lead the project from requirement gathering till onsite implementation.
·          Understand the HT USA base classes thoroughly and list the non-available functionalities
with respect to HT Canada requirements.
·          Design the class diagram, DB design for HT Canada by extending the base classes and the core AFFINA CRM tables. Project plan Maintenance with respect to task breakup, resource mapping and scheduling.
·          Design & develop the data migration tool to migrate data from Lotus notes. Frame test cases & test procedures and coordinate with the QC team.
Environment: Win 2000; WEB Server: IIS 6.0; DB: Oracle 8i; Framework: .NET - VB.NET, ASP.NET, WEB Services, XML, XSD; Reporting Tool: Crystal Reports; Others: MS Project 2003, MS Visio; Qtrack Team Size:  7 (5 Developers & 2 QC)

q EarthSoft Pvt. Ltd. – SPFS – SingPost (Singapore) (
-  (Jan 2004 – Feb 2005)
Singpost, wanted to invest in the pawn broking business and since we already have the expertise knowledge in the pawn broking domain, they approached us to develop SPFS for them.
SPFS is designed to support all aspects of Singpost’s pawn broking operations including transaction processing, cash and inventory management and statutory reporting to the Registrar of Pawnshops, Singapore. It is a web-based application that runs on a secure broadband Intranet connecting all Branches to a central database in the Singpost Head Office. The entire application is purely .NET framework based with the COM call to Middle Tier from the WEB Server is via. Remoting.

·          Played an active role in each stage of the SDLC process for this project.
·          Lead the Onsite & the Offsite team for development and delivery of the code.
·          Involved in the Architecture, Database & Screen Prototype Design.
·          Documentation – Requirement Specification, Technical documentation & Installation guide.
·          Liaise with the team members to discuss the technical specification pertaining to the requirement – including the database design, the COM spec. etc.
·          Coding and review the code written by developers for critical modules & functions.
·          Coordinate with the client SIT/UAT team for rectification of reported bugs & clarify. Application deployment in the SIT/UAT/Production servers.
Environment: Win 2003; WEB Server: IIS 6.0; Middle Tier – COM+; DB Server: MS SQL Server 2000; Framework: .NET - ASP.NET, VB.NET; Reporting Tool: Component One; Others: MS Project 2003, MS Visio; Team Size:  13 (Onsite: 4 developers; Offsite: 8 Developers + 2 QC)

q EarthSoft Pvt. Ltd. - PFS, OCBC Bank (Singapore) –
-  (July 2003 – May 2004)
This is a 3-tier based web application meant to manage and automate the working process of all the pawnshops financed by OCBC Bank. All the business process was encapsulated as COM component that are deployed and managed by COM+. We used DCOM for the creation & activation of this COM in the APP server, from the WEB server.
·          Managed this project from start to finish. Lead the team onsite and co-coordinated with the offshore PM for extended development requirement and testing.
·          Devised lot of templates for developers to break down the specification and understand the requirement more clearly there by enabling them to code better.
·          Designed & developed the ‘Admin’ & the ‘Security’ module of this application to manage the users and assign the roles and privileges. It was a challenging module since the password for the users are generated by a web service located in a different server, so for all user specific functions such as LOGIN/ADD/EDIT/CHANGE PWD the COM has to talk to the web service, using SOAP toolkit.
·          Involved in ‘Reports’ module where about 26 types of reports are provided. Generated reports are maintained separately in a reports table, the records to these tables will be inserted from the transaction table, during the report generation process.
Environment: Win 2K, XP; Arch: N-Tier; WEB Server: IIS 5.0, ASP 3.0, VB/JavaScript; Middle Tier – IIS/COM+; DB Server: MS SQL 2K Team: 20 (Onsite: 3 Dev.; Offsite: 15 Dev. & 2 QC)

q Netlink Technologies Ltd. – MailAllWays; JustNotifyme, iPath Technologies Ltd. ( - (March 2003 – July 2003)
This is a JAVA based unified communications framework application that allows mails to be accessed using any devices, any time and from anywhere. The application was developed primarily using XML for data retrieval and delivery. The flexible architecture allows enterprise to define their own services, with delivery option on all devices. The application also has an inbuilt notification engine, to personalize their mail service.
Role :
·          Project Management, resource planning and maintain s for the project.
·          Coordinate with the technical head of this project to understand the requirement and liaise with the developers to get the work completed. Design the GUI (screen prototype), application walk through document, database design.
·          Developed flexible architecture that allows enterprise to define their own services and can plug it into the application, which can then be made available across all channels.
Environment: Win NT: MS Exchange, TOMCAT, Apache, IIS 5.0, DHTML, JSP, ASP 3.0, JavaScript, XML, VXML; Others: FrontPage 2000, VI 6.0; DB: Access; Team Size:  10 (8 Developers & 2 QC)

q Netlink Technologies Ltd. – APS – Satyam Infoway Ltd. (
- (Jan 2003 - May 2003)
An intranet system for Satyam Infoway Limited (largest ISP Company based in India) that deals with employees’ bill claims, expense capture, bill approval, payments, budgeting, forecasting etc. by integrating with their HRD System. The system simplifies and automates the process of accounting for expense claims through decentralized data capture and central upload into HRD system.
·          Understand the requirements, System analysis and design, Team management.
·          Integrated with HRD system for Employee details and the business rules and entitlements of the employees.
·          Developed the system to maintains a separate business rule database for non-CTC claims
·          Developed the system that enables employees to determine the status of their expense claims in the cycle from lodging a claim to receiving payment
Environment: Win NT Servers: IIS; Middle Tier: COM+; Front-End: ASP 2.0, JavaScript, VB Script; DB Server: MS SQL Server 2000; Tools:  FrontPage 2000, Visual InterDev 6.0, Query Analyzer, SQL Profiler; Team Size:  8 (6 Developers & 2 QC)

OTHER PROJECTS (Brief Overview)

·          ASP Billing System, (Sep ’02 - Jan ’03) ICICI Infotech (MNC)
Project: ICICI InfoTech has a set of web enabled ERP products namely, ORION (ERP), MERLIN, PREMIA etc.  This ASP billing system was developed to determine the usage of these products month-wise by any subscribed enterprise. Role: System Analyst, Team leader, DB Design, development (SQL/SP’s): Team Size: 7

·, (Feb ’02 - Aug ’02) United Health Care Organisation (UHCO)
Project: This is an e-insurance application that allows creation & maintenance of proposals, load user role specific screens, make appointments, update medical results, manage customers-export/import, user friendly search, dynamic reports etc. various reports are provided for the insurance company to get into the micro level data and there fore help them to refine their business process efficiently. Role: System Analysis & Design, Team leader, Screen Design, development (ASP/COM, SQL/SP’s/Triggers); Team Size: 7 (5+2)

· ver.2.5, (Aug ’01 – Jan ’02), Megatech Controls Ltd.
Project:  The project provided additional features of version 2.0 and also enhanced the existing functionalities. The new features included career posting & placement services, rule management, notification alerts to inform members about their service status, renewal etc., More MIS reports, AMC contract sign up & maintenance etc. 

· ver.2.0, (Jun ’00 - Aug’ 01), Megatech Controls Ltd.
Project: It is a full-fledged B2B/B2C portal developed to provide online industrial design, diagnose & troubleshoot machine problems, seek quotations, place orders, etc. The core feature is the troubleshoot module, where it allows the site engineer to describe & diagnose the encountered problem and provides solution to it, using an interactive intelligent Q & A based method. Online registration, query, e-commerce, security, collection management are the other chief modules incorporated in this version. Role:  Managing the project completely, starting from requirement gathering, customer interaction, prototype design, COM/DB design, technical coordination, development, team management, project implementation etc. Team Size: 16 (13+3)

·, (Nov ’99 - May’ 00), Satyam Infoway
SatyamFax is a fax over the Internet service provided by Satyam Infoway Limited in a joint venture with Singapore Telecom. This is a comprehensive two tier based Internet system was developed which caters to the Product Management, Registration and the Billing requirement of the service. The System also has a Back office system that manages in-house Inventory, billing, MIS reports etc. Role:  Development & Testing. Team: 7 (5+1)

·          Branch Automation System (May ’99 – Oct ’99), Mahindra Holiday Resorts Limited.
Project: The project is mainly focused to make their system centralized all over India. The Client Machine communicates to the server through Virtual Private Network. The project is being developed in a two-tier architecture model. The major modules of the system are Sales, Reservation, Collection Management and Security Management.
Role:  Development & Testing. Team Size: 7 (5+1)

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